Our materials

We use mainly materials CE marked in conformity with European standard norm for our dental prosthesis confection in Madagascar.
Our prostheses range can be divided into five parts:
Partial and full denture (Removable prosthesis), Ceramics & all ceramics (Fixed prosthesis), Hybrid (Removable and fixed), orthodontia, and works over implant.

Partial or full denture (Removable prosthesis)

It includes:
o Set up in trial
o Finishing acrylics resins high resistance after trial
o Skeleton
o Titan framework
o Attachments
o Splint
o Teeth guard
o Individual Trays
o Occlusion wax
o Miscellaneous orthodontia

Materials used are:
o NP Partial alloy (ARGEN USA)
o Acrylic teeth Ivoclar/Major Dental
o Acrylics resins Acryself & Acrypol R (RUTHINIUM)
o Flexible resins Ticonium
o Acetate (Pressing dental)

Attachments are:
o ASC 52 (Microtecnor) for glide
o OT Strategy (Rhein 83) as overdenture
o Other brands provided by the practitioners

Fixed prosthesis

We have at our disposal all types of alloys to realize your dental prostheses (crown & bridges, precious, semi-precious, titanium, cobalt chrome, nickel chrome) and full range of composite, press ceramics, and zirconium for all ceramics.

Materials used are:
o Precious & semi-precious alloy (ARGEN)
o Nickel chrome NP star (ARGEN)
o Cobalt chrome NP special (ARGEN)
o Ceramic IPS INLINE
o Resin composite GRADIA
o Ceramic VITA VM13 in shade 3D
o Press ceramic E-max (IVOCLAR)
o Zirconium all ceramics (DT SHOP)

Implants are:
In apart from our Ankylos implants stock, DENTSPLY brand, we also are able to implement all prosthetics works from any brand of implants pieces supplied by the practitioner himself.