Dear Doctor,

Seven years have passed since our creation and it is always the same team that animates our laboratories, they are the same interlocutors that you address. This proximity we always hear the preserve and privilege with you the direct meetings to share with you our latest advances such as Dental Salon for example. For more security, we were the first to provide you with traceability sheets delivered with our works. For the sake of quality, we have been complying with EU standards since our creation, our laboratory in Madagascar having obtained the ISO 9001 certification. All our works come with a 3 year guarantee and your remarks, of course, are immediately taken into account. . Our deadlines are just as rigorous. Our courier service is committed to take your orders throughout the island, from North to South, and deliver within 7 working days (except for complex work). These ongoing efforts have allowed us to win the trust of many Reunion practitioners and reduce overall our tariffs by approximately 10%. We were able to develop with a lot of help and that is why today we want to thank you by putting at your service a loyalty offer that will allow you to earn up to 15% discount on your monthly orders.

Gilles VALLENOT : Prothesist

Uncompromising security

European standards :

Traceability sheet

With each order you will be issued with your work a record of traceability including:

The materials used

  • Lots numbers
  • The name of the manufacturer
  • Country
  • The EC number corresponding to the materials

Safety Data Sheet

It will be issued upon request and will detail:

The reference products

  • The composition of the materials used in joint and complementary prosthesis by the laboratory
  • The name of the manufacturer
  • Country

Specifications such as ADA, FDI, DIN, AFNOR, CE Standard.

Cardboard boxes

They are ideal for wedging your fingerprints
We return if possible our foam pads during new orders
Do not write anything on the boxes.

Disinfection protocol

All our work is disinfected and placed in sealed thermo bag.

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