Labooi brings you solutions for dental CAD / CAM. Whether you plan to offer patients crowns, bridges, or implants.Labo oi guarantees designs that meet the highest quality requirements in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Our Design and Modeling Center allows you to obtain custom printable or machinable prostheses.

Our 3SHAPE and EXOCAD 3D design software, developed by dental technicians and computer scientists, allows us to offer you a diverse range of products.


Machining is the manufacturing technique that allows the shaping of all the mechanical components of fixed and hybrid dental prostheses. Intended for the manufacture of all-ceramic prostheses, the machining remains the only effective way to date to manufacture pieces of alumina, zirconia and ceramics it offers the greatest precision, which makes it the most suitable technique for manufacturing components for implant superstructures that require excellent passivity.

Our Labo machining center uses processes and machines that guarantee:

High precision restorations
High quality materials, scientifically tested
Multiple products and systems


Additive manufacturing involves shaping an object by adding material (by stacking successive layers), unlike machining that shapes an object by removing material. The main advantage of this manufacturing technique is that it allows to simultaneously produce pieces of different morphologies and complex shapes. Thanks to its 3D printing labo oi you save time, money and reduce the weight of parts with manufacturing solutions made of high quality materials in a 100% digital flow.


For all questions related to CAD / CAM and digital do not hesitate to contact us!

LABO OI streamlines your workflow from design to manufacturing.